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when i said i wanted “a night at the museum” for my birthday…..

I don’t mean the dvd.

I mean I want to be like Ben Stiller in the movie Night at the Museum…at the Smithsonian to be exact…

I want to chill with the dinosaur and Owen Wilson as a cowboy and Robin Williams as that General.

So for my birthday if you can make every exhibit at the Smithsonian come alive and send me there…that would be great. 

Okay thanks.

I just had to clarify..

another pointless rant…

you know how there’s all these things that say, I wonder what my future hubby/wife is doing right now? 

so it got me thinking….what if your “soulmate” is someone in your class right now and you  just don’t know it yet? what if you go ten years without even really hearing or seeing them, yet by fate you guys come across each other’s paths and end up being “the one” for each other. 

isn’t that weird to think about? 

what if the person you end up with is someone who you used to hate? 

just goes to show you that you can’t predict the future no matter how much you want to. 

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