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today with the parents.

was okay. 

it wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible. 

definitely rolled my eyes a few times, got a little irritated here and there.

but i’m still thankful that we had this opportunity.

its been soooooo long since the three of us spent an entire day together because they’re so busy with work and me with school.

so i feel very blessed and thankful. 

Circa 1999 #throwback #best #parents #love (Taken with instagram)

when you’re a toddler, you already get pestered about what you want to be when you get older. and all the adults in your family pressure & feed words in your mouth to say that you want to become a doctor, lawyer, firefighter, astronaut, etc. 

those questions always stick with you but now the question of where you want to go to college gets added into the mix. so as you get older and the time to actual start thinking about it, you get pestered EVEN MORE, about where you apply and where you want to go. endless interrogations by family. so the whole application process is even more stressful then it already is. especially when you apply to like ten billion schools and you tell your parents how much you charged on their credit card. then they give you evil stares when it isn’t even our fault. HEY, they wanted us to have a good education. they asked for this.

so the application process comes and goes…and now when acceptances are finally coming out and you realize that you do have a future somewhere, you can’t even bask in the joy of it because for some reason you’re STILL getting bugged about it from parents. now the questions are becoming ever so real and serious: WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO?!?! they can’t even enjoy the moment with you and celebrate because they are just so consumed about other factors, like money. and location. and money. oh and did i mention money? it just gets even more frustrating when you try to explain to them, time and time again, that where you’re going to college is still so up in the air at this moment. they just can’t seem to realize that I’m still waiting on all these other schools. I’m no way close into figuring out where i want to go to college. but they just don’t listen! still, every day they ask me the same question. and still i have to repeatedly tell them, i don’t know! 

the constant pestering NEVER ENDS. it is so frustrating!!!

i understand they are stressed. i understand they are worried and trying to figure out how to pay for my education. but I’m stressed to. and believe me when i say that i am taking my parents into mind as well. of course, I’m going to be considerate about how much my school is going to cost and how far it is from them. so they need to relax. have some faith and just trust me. they’re acting like I’m going to tell them where I’m going to college the same day i move out. 

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