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today was much needed.

been super stressed and it was so nice to spend the day with Natacha & Sheryl.

today consisted of having lunch at Yard House, fun road trip to the fair with awesome conversations, entering the fair and it somehow becoming my friend’s mission to find me an asian boyfriend?? yeah…dont know how that happened. saw no cute asian guys, fyi. so no luck with that one. except for two, who said hi to us, but they were with their girlfriends? weird. bought fried oreos within the first ten minutes. got an onion blossom within the first 20 minutes. walked around a lot. went to the Bodies Exhibit, which was FREAKING AMAZING!!!! ended the day at the ferris wheel, scariest thing of my life.

loved today. loved all the convos..love my friends.

now i am super exhausted and i have to wake up early tomorrow for orientation. where i will be in no mood to be friendly and meet people and deal with more stressful shit.

hope it all goes well!!!

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